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What's new archive: June-July 2006

July 2006

July 29

Added Image:Glacier Mass Balance.png showing the rate of thinning in mountain glaciers during the last 50 years.

July 17

When an energy shortage repeatedly takes down this site devoted to global warming, sometimes you just have to laugh: [1]. Sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused anyone.

July 15

Added Sunspot Numbers.png showing the history of sunspot measurements during the last 400 years. Also added Solar Cycle Variations.png showing changes in several solar activity measures during the last three solar cycle. Finally, created Category:Navigation pages and populated it with useful pages to help people get around this site.

July 8

Added Risks and Impacts of Global Warming.png showing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change conceptual assessment of the impacts associated with global warming across 5 categories of concern as a function of increasing temperature.

July 3

Added Partially Bleached Coral.jpg showing a partially bleached coral.

July 1

Added Mauna Loa Carbon Dioxide.png showing the change in atmospheric carbon dioxide as directly measured at Mauna Loa, Hawaii since 1958. This is also known as the Keeling curve.

June 2006

June 24

Created this "What's new" page, populating it with some past events.

June 22

Global warming, including several images from this site, appears as the featured article on the front page of Wikipedia.

June 20

Created a list of all images and a thumbnail gallery of all images.

June 19

Created and uploaded Greenhouse Effect.png and Greenhouse Gas by Sector.png, showing the greenhouse effect and the distribution of greenhouse gas production broken down across different sectors of production.

June 14

Added a page for contact information.

June 7

Added CLIMAP.jpg showing climate conditions during the last glacial maximum.

June 5

Global Warming Art is publicly announced for the first time.