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Visitors are able to upload new images to Global Warming Art.

Sources of Images

In choosing images to upload to this site you must be mindful of copyright and only upload images that you have permission to use.

Sources of images thus include:

Upload Process

Please fill out the form appearing below. Each upload will be manually reviewed and must be approved before being added to the site.

In order for an image to be approved it should:

  1. Be of high quality.
  2. Add information not currently on this site.
  3. Be an accurate reflection of the current scientific understanding.

In addition, you should explain:

  1. Who created the image.
  2. Who owns the copyright (if different from the creator).
  3. What data it is based on (if relevant).
  4. What restrictions, if any, exist on its usage, for example:
    • Whether or not the author must be attributed.
    • Whether or not it may be used commercially.
    • Whether reusers are allowed to modify the image and/or create new versions.
  5. In broad terms, what the image shows.

If you are the creator of the image, you may wish to review Wikipedia's selection of "image copyright tags" and see licensing your content for possible ways to license your work.

You may be contacted by email is there are problems with your contribution or anything that needs to be clarified. In addition, your email may be used if the copyright status is disputed at some point in the future.

The text of your image description is considered to be licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License and may be heavily edited before being posted.

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