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Global Warming Art is maintained by its founder's hard work, good will, and bank account. Two of these are in good supply, but ultimately money doesn't grow on trees. So, if you like what you see here and would like to defray some of the cost of running this site, you can make a donation to Global Warming Art through PayPal (including credit cards) or donations via check/money order may be sent to the mailing address given below. Our apologies, but donations are not currently tax deductible.

Paypal Donations Donations via Mail

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Robert A. Rohde
4096 Piedmont Ave. Suite #555
Oakland, CA 94611-5221

Donations of Images

Main page: Global Warming Art:Information for potential contributors

If you would like to help build this site by donating figures or photos related to global warming, we would welcome your contributions. You can send us images via email at Of course any donations of art are considered for their suitability, technical accuracy, and usability under copyright law.


Main page: Global Warming Art:Advertising policy

Starting in December 2007, we are going to include Google Ads on these pages as an experiment. This is motivated by the relatively poor results from the donation box during the last six months. Obviously advertising isn't ideal for a highly politicized topic like global warming, but we are studying this to get a full sense of the trade-offs involved. We will be reviewing the use of these ads on an ongoing basis.

Image Licensing

Historically, the majority of income associated with this site has been driven by licensing images to third parties for commercial use plus a small number of images produced on commission.

Further information: Global Warming Art:Image use by others

Moral Support

One last way to show your support of this site is simply to say thanks. Friendly messages are always welcomed at

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