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Global Warming Art is the result of a dream that the public and educators should have easy access to the same data and results that have framed the scientific discussion of global warming and climate change.



This site was founded by Robert A. Rohde as an extension of his hobby for playing with climate data and sharing his understanding by contributing content to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia under the pseudonym Dragons flight. In many ways, Wikipedia is an excellent venue for such work as anyone may contribute to building the encyclopedic knowledge of the world. However, the format of an encyclopedia can also be fairly constraining and the open community can sometimes lend itself to pointless arguments with people who are more interesting in pushing an agenda than taking an honest look at scientific information.

So in mid 2006, this site was created to allow the science of climate change to be presented in a different and more peaceful format. Like Wikipedia, this site strives to present the science of climate in a well-documented and politically neutral way. Most of this site's content, at least in the beginning, will be devoted to data. It is the goal of this site to present all such data in a way that is consistent with prevailing scientific wisdom and to note and acknowledge any significant disputes that may exist within the scientific community. It is not our goal to prove or disprove global warming, but merely to document what much of the scientific community believes and give some indication for why they believe it.


This site is committed to the ideals of free content and licenses all original text under the GFDL. Individual image licenses vary, but the majority are free for educational and non-profit uses. However, one of the other advantages of creating a separate website is that it allows us to expand into areas of content not suitable for Wikipedia. While many images that are freely licensed, we also include some images, such as photographs of glaciers, which may only be available with the limited permission of the author. By clicking on any image, you may view its description page and learn about it's copyright status. This is especially important for commercial republishers as many of the images may have conditions or licensing fees required for commercial use.

See image use by others for a partial list of third parties that have used content originally developed for Global Warming Art.

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Relationship to Wikipedia

This site has no direct relationship with Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation, or any of their projects; however, the founder of this site is a supporter, contributor, and administrator on the English Wikipedia. This site will incorporate and liberally link to content on Wikipedia, and intends to honor both the spirit and the letter of the GFDL under which that content is made available. In support of this, links (left-hand menu) are provided to both the "page history" and "page source" for every page on this site. This should allow content from Global Warming Art to be incorporated into Wikipedia at such times and places that this is appropriate. Similarly, original figures that are created for this site will be freely licensed and, when suitable, many will also be added to Wikipedia.

Site Support

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This site is presently supported mainly by a combination of donations and licensing fees for commercial high-res copies of figures created for this site. Starting in December 2007, we are experimenting with Google Ads to judge their income potential vs. potential for apparent bias.