Glacier Gallery

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Gallery of Glacier Changes
Map of changes in the thickness of mountain glaciers since 1970. Orange and red colors indicate thinning, blue colors indicate thickening.
Average changes in the thickness of mountain glaciers, shown as both annual changes and the accumulated change since the late 1950s.
Changes in Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park, with arrows indicating the previous extent of ice.
Decline of Pedersen Glacier and the surrounding lagoon in Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska
Valdez Glacier in Alaska has thinned by ~300 feet over the last century. The unvegetated regions along its margins have been exposed primarily due to melting from 1980-2000.
Comparison photos of Muir and Riggs Glaciers in Alaska between 1941 and 2004. During this time, the Muir glacier with was >70 meters thick has retreated out of the frame.
Comparison photos of the McCarty Glacier in Alaska. The glacier is no longer visible in the recent image.
Athabasca Glacier on the Columbia Icefield, Jasper National Park has retreated 1500 meters since the late 19th century.
Decline of Bear Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska
Decline of Northwestern Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska
Boulder Glacier in the North Cascades of Washington State has retreated 450 meters between 1987 and 2005.
Satellite image of Gangotri Glacier in India showing its decline since a maximum during the Little Ice Age.
False color satellite image showing the breakup of the Larsen B Ice Shelf in 2002. The area of collapse is comparable in size to the US state of Rhode Island.
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