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Who am I?

I am the founder of this site. I am also a PhD student at UC Berkeley in the Physics Department. My undergraduate training was in physics and mathematics, so naturally I would go to graduate school in physics; however, I soon discovered that I found greater personal enjoyment in the Earth sciences and climate change. Hence, despite my affiliation, most of my actual research efforts and interests have directed towards applying physical understanding to those fields of study.

Why do I work on this site?

This site is a hobby. I like exploring climate data and gaining a greater understanding of climate science. After many years of doing so, I decided it would be rewarding to share some of that knowledge with others, so I embarked on an effort to document climate science, first in Wikipedia and now here. I continue to contribute both to Wikipedia (under the pseudonym, Dragons flight) and here primarily out of a desire to spread the world's knowledge.

Gaining knowledge is a part of graduate school and to the degree that this work has helped to frame a systematic exploration of climate science, I am sure that it has helped further my education. However, at the same time I probably have allowed work on projects like this to distract from my actual research (and hence delay my graduation). I don't really believe that a project like this will do much of anything to advance my career, but I do hope that these efforts help to further spread knowledge to mankind, which is after all one of the true goals of all science.

Should you believe me?

No, of course not. But then if I am doing my job correctly, you don't have to believe me, because you can always check the references. I don't want people to have to believe me, because that's not what science is about. You should look at the facts and draw your own conclusions. For a long time, I edited only anonymously on Wikipedia because I wanted the quality of my work to speak for itself. However, now that I am working to build this site, I will be using my real name because I think it is more important to show people that I have nothing to hide.

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