Reference:Reimer et al. 2004

From Global Warming Art

Reimer, PJ, MGL Baillie, E Bard, A Bayliss, JW Beck, CJH Bertrand, PG Blackwell, CE Buck, GS Burr, KB Cutler, PE Damon, RL Edwards, RG Fairbanks, M Friedrich, TP Guilderson, AG Hogg, KA Hughen, B Kromer, G McCormac, S Manning, CB Ramsey, RW Reimer, S Remmele, JR Southon, M Stuiver, S Talamo, FW Taylor, J van der Plicht, CE Weyhenmeyer (2004). "IntCal04 Terrestrial Radiocarbon Age Calibration, 0–26 cal kyr BP". Radiocarbon 46 (3): 1029-1059. 


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