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This page contains information on the use of the content from Global Warming Art for professional information publishers.

Introductory statements about content licensing and reuse are provided at the general copyright page.



Content created for this site may be used in most non-commercial projects without obtaining any additional permission, provided that this site is acknowledged in a reasonable way, consistent with the permission given in the Global Warming Art License. However, in most cases, it is necessary to ask for permission if the images created for this site are to be used for commercial gain, and usage fees may be requested.

In many cases, this site can provide reusers with high resolution versions of the graphics appearing on this site. Upon request, a limited number of high resolution versions may be provided to non-commercial projects free of charge.

For examples of places that work from this site has appeared see image use by others.

Alternative versions

Many of the images on this site were created for use on the internet and this is reflected in the choice of resolution, coloring, fonts, and line weights. However, for many uses, especially those in other media, it may be desirable to have versions of the figures presented here with higher resolution or other stylistic changes. Such versions may be available upon request for some figures. If available, these images may be provided at no cost to professional noncommercial projects (including academic publications). For commercial projects, high resolution versions of images may be provided at market competitive rates for technical illustrations. Materials requiring non-trivial preparation time will be considered on a time available basis and a lead time of several weeks is recommended.

If provided, high resolution and/or stylistically modified versions of the images shown on this site will be limited to scope of a single agreed upon project, and will not generally be licensed for reuse.

Due to limited time, student projects and personal requests will usually not be honored.


Alternative licensing

As Global Warming Art consists of both original and third party images, we can only control the licensing on a portion of the figures provided here, and all of those will generally be licensed in a way that supports some for of easy third party use. However, there may be cases where a project would prefer different licensing terms. Most reasonable requests for single projects licenses will be granted, provided appropriate attribution is given. Commercial projects requiring special licensing terms may be asked to pay market competitive licensing rates for graphic art.


Third party work

Since this site also serves as a repository for third party images and figures, people interested in alternative licensing or versions of these figures will usually have to contact the original distributor directly. In most cases, the author of the figure should be evident from the image description page, however, if it is not evident we will assist you in contacting the original author so that you can discuss your needs.