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To contact Global Warming Art, use one of the addresses listed below.

Due to time constraints, some inquiries may not be answered.

General inquiries

General inquiries, and those not fitting into any other category can be addressed to Robert A. Rohde at

Mailing address

Robert A. Rohde
1888 Berkeley Way #503
Berkeley, CA 94703

Licensing and copyright concerns

Basic questions about copyright and the licensing of images are addressed at our copyright page or at the information page for professional republishers, but additional questions can be answered via email. When writing about any potential requests for reuse please clearly identify both the image(s) in question and context under which you might be interested in using it.

General copyright concerns:

Licensing and reuse questions:

Art donations

Main page: Global Warming Art:Information for potential contributors

If you would like to donate figures or images for use on Global Warming Art, please contact


Praise for this work is always appreciated, and is welcomed at

Please also consider making a donation to support this work.